Letter to Mother Earth

Bijgewerkt: 5 dagen geleden

Originally published in Dutch.

Photo: Kyrgyzstan

Beloved Mother Earth,

I hope you’re doing ok during this global pandemic,

in which the human race finally started to slow down,


It seems like this rest is doing you a lot of good on many levels.

You are recovering quickly and beautifully,

after all the wrong we’ve done to you.

For many years we’ve seen you as separate.

We have poisoned your life giving waters, cut your lungs and caged your wonderful creatures.

Allow me to feel our grief, our sadness, our hatred, so we can heal our wounds, once and forever.

I hope we can live together in a respectful, harmonious and peaceful way.

May we experience an intimate relationship, like never before.

Let us create heaven on Earth, full of abundance, joy and love.

Your sweetheart,

Your son,



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